Delete records in Koha

In certain occasions need to empty bibliographic, patron and transaction details from Koha database and clean the installation to start the process again. The user has to go to Koha database and empty the concerned tables.

Log into MySQL
Apply following commands to login to the MySQL database;

sudo su
mysql -uroot -p
use koha_library;

Delete all bibliographic details
Apply following commands one by one.


TRUNCATE items; 
TRUNCATE deleted_items;

TRUNCATE biblioitems; 
TRUNCATE biblio; 
TRUNCATE deletedbiblioitems; 
TRUNCATE deletedbiblio; 

Delete transactions (Issue, return)

TRUNCATE old_issues; 
TRUNCATE issues; 

Delete borrowers details

TRUNCATE borrowers; 
TRUNCATE deletedborrowers;


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