Delete circulation entries from databse tables

Certain records reluctant to Checkin due to DBMS auto increment problem. In such cases the transaction remain in the tables. Developers still working for the solution. Here is a temporary solution.
Record reluctant to checkin.

See the message when try to checkin the book.
If we have access to database of Koha, we can delete the particular entry. For that purpose, find the itemnumber of the book. Right click on the book name and open the record in a new window.
Click on edit button against the item to know the itemnumber.
Check the address bar of the browser when the item information window open.
We need to access the database table "issues" where all circulation entries store. Need to install phpMyAdmin tool to access the database table. Open a terminal and apply following command to install the phpMyAdmin.

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Open a new window in your browser and enter the following address to start phpMyAdmin,

1. Search and find the issue table from phpMyAdmin.
2. Click issues table to dive inside the table.
3. Search the particular itemnumber to delete the circulation entry reluctant to checkin.

Put the itemnumber in the itemnumber search box.
Delete the transaction entry.

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  1. Thank you for the help.

    Can you send a notice when the problems has fixed?