Patron import

We can import details of users from a list saved in spreadsheet (MS Excel/LibreOffice Calc). Every academic year colleges and schools prepare details of students got new admission in excel sheet. Librarian can collect list from office for the purpose of import into Koha.

Prepare patron list
Often details of students in save in spread sheet file (e.g. MS Excel). We have to arrange details in a spreadsheet. Here is an example. Filed names in header should same as in patron table. You can download sample file from here.
I have added here minimum patron fields. You can check other field names and add from here

This spread sheet represent student details from a school. cardnumber represent unique ID number of students. Student class can add in sort1 field. 

branchcode and categorycode are mandatory fields. 
Library code in Koha should be in branchcode field. 
You can check your library code from  
Koha > Administration > Libraries and Groups

Check Patron category code from 
Koha > Administration > Patron types and categories
Arrange patron details in spreadsheet. Save/Save As spread sheet to .csv format.
 Import Patrons
Goto Koha > Tools > Import Patrons
Upload csv file.
Press Import button. Import button located in bottom of the page.
See the result page. Your records imported successfully.

Cancel / close patron library membership

Librarian have to close membership after the expiry of membership period. Option available for cancel membership for various reasons. Librarian can enter a note about membership cancellation.

Search patron and open patron in edit mode.

Find Patron restrictions. Click on Add manual restriction.
 Enter a note in comment box. No need to enter anything in date box.
Save the patron details and see the changes.

Spine label creation

Creation of new Layout for Spine Label

Koha > Tools > Label Creator > New Layout

Fill the layout according to below screenshot,

Search and adding books for spine label creation

Koha > Tools > Label Creator > New Batch

Click on Add items button.

Select any searching parameter (e.g. Call Number).

It result all books with call number.

Select all books. Add the selected items. Click on Done button to finish.

Click on Export Batch button,

Select Layout and Template,

Download Spine Labels in PDF Format,
 See the spine labels in PDF format,

Koha 3.12.12 (Old Stable) Live DVD available

Koha 3.12.12 (Old Stable version) Live DVD now available.
Both 32&64 bit architecture available. 
Download ISO images from here,

Z39.50 servers available in India

Following are three Z39.50 servers available in India.You can find server details in the linked pages. You can add server details in your Koha and fetch cataloguing details.

Mysore University
Delhi Public Library

Information courtesy: Dr. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay

Patron card creation

You can create cards for library users with the help of Patron Card creator facility. With this facility libraries can create patron cards and print in good quality A4 size paper.
Step-1 Upload library logo

Tools › Patron card creator › Manage images

Upload logo image of your library/organisation and give name (e.g. logo) for the image. Choose a small image for logo (e.g. 100x100 pixel).

Step-1 Create a new layout

Tools > Patron card creator > New Layout
See the screenshot below and fill the same values in new layout fields.
In "Image 1" section select logo image to display in library card.
Click on the screen shot to enlarge view.

Step-2 Create new template

Tools > Patron card creator > New Layout
See the screenshot below and fill the same values in New Layout fields.

Step-3 Create Patron cards

Tools > Patron Cart creator > New Batch
Select and add users. Select Layout and Template. For further details visit Koha documentation.

Customise Bibliographic framework

Default cataloguing data entry sheet appears with all MARC-21 fields. This not convenient for fast cataloguing.

How to disable unwanted fields and retain commonly used MARC-21 fields.

Go Administration > MARC Bibliographic Framework

 Click on Import button against Books, Booklets, Workbooks
Download a model framework from here and save in your system.

Upload the sample framework. Click on Import button.
Now check your customised Cataloguing data sheet.

Selected fields have arranged in single tab. You can enable or disable more fields again by visiting
Administration > MARC Bibliographic Framework