How to make available Koha in a network

Koha has web interface and can easily make available Staff Client and OPAC in the institutional / library network. Then library users can access OPAC from their seats. Library staff can use Staff Client from other client PCs. Make sure that the Koha installed computer inside a LAN (Local Area Network). Following things should try from Koha installed PC.

1. Identify IP and Netmask of the PC
Open a Terminal and apply following command.

sudo su

Note down the IP address and Netmask.
e.g. IP address-
       Netmask  -

2. Identify Network gateway
Apply following command in a Terminal,

ip route show

e.g. 192.168.1.
Note down the Network gateway.

3. Find the DNS
Use gateway IP is the DNS


4. Setting up the static IP
Apply following command to open network interfaces and add network details.

sudo su
leafapd /etc/network/interfaces

Add following lines with the network credentials. Following lines contains example network details. Add your own network details.

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Save and close the file.

5. Restart network

systemctl restart network-manager.service
systemctl restart networking.service
systemctl restart resolvconf.service

6. Open Koha from other systems
Open a web browser from any PC available in your network. Put IP address assigned and port number.

e.g. Koha Staff Client:
       Koha OPAC:



  1. Please share steps to make OPAC available over internet

  2. sir,
    is it is the way to convert koha local host in to IP Address base?
    for example my koha works on "". i want to change in to as as for koha. for OPAC and for the Dspace.
    what should i do?

    1. Follow the same steps mentioned in the post