Data migration from SOUL 1 to Koha

Data migration from SOUL version 1 to Koha involves following steps,

1. Export data from SOUL
2. Import data into WINISIS and Export in iso format
3. Converting the data into MARC 21 using MarcEdit software
4. Import records in Koha.

Export data from SOUL in CCF format.
Change the extension of the file to .iso by right click on file and Rename.

Install WINISIS and open (Database > Open) any sample data (e.g. thes.mst).
Goto Database > Import, and find data exported from SOUL.
You can see data from SOUL imported into WINISIS.

Export data imported into WINISIS, that file will be in .iso format.
Database > Export
Save it.

MarcEdit software is needed for this purpose.
Install the MarcEdit sofware.
It work well with WIndows. You have to install .NET framework run this software.

Run MarcEdit software. We have to convert the data exported from WINISIS to MARC 21.

Goto the Add-ins > CDS/ISIS.iso=> MARC Translation

Find the .iso file exported from WINISIS in INPUT File.
Give the name of the marc file in OUTPUT File
Click OK Button. It will convert the data into MARC 21.
You can check in the saved folder and you can find that marc file created with .mrc format.
Right click on MARC file and select Preview MARC FIle.
The file will open and you can see the records in it.
You can see sample records from WINISIS added in it. You can delete it by select and press delete button.

We have to change tag numbers in SOUL data suitable with MARC 21.
You can see MARC tags used in Koha to represent bibliographic fields,

ISBN 020
Author 100
Title 245
Edition 250
Editor 700
Imprint 260
Call Number 082
Subject 650
General Note 500
Accession Number 952

We need to edit the MARC tags, need to know some MarcEdit tips.

SOUL to Koha MARC Tag Mapping

SOUL   >   Koha
260     >     250
Delete 020
100     >     020
300     >     100
200     >     245
610     >     082
620     >     650
400     >     260
510     >     500
Delete 203
460     >     300
440     >     260$c
480     >     490

Sorting MARC tags
Goto Tools > Sort > Sort All Fields

Deleting Marc Field
Tools > Add/Delete Field
Enter desire marc field number.
It will delete whole records with specific marc tag.

Adding a new MARC field
We are going to add 942$c for item type,
942 is field, $c is subfield, BK is item type code.
Click on Add.

Changing MARC field Number
We need to change the Marc field number to compatible with Koha.
For example, Accession Number in SOUL stored in 900, in Koha Accession Number is in 952.
We have to rename 900 to 952.
Goto Edit > Replace

You can replace anything with the help of Replace option
E.g. You want to delete $cAV in 952 field.

Leave Replace with field blank. And Click Replace All button.

Using these options you can Add, delete, and edit fields to make suitable for Koha.

Adding Item Information
Item information in Koha stores data regarding document barcode (Accession Number), price, date acquired, shelving location etc.
Here we are going to add library branch information to 952 field.

952 = Item information field,
$a = Home branch, MAIN is library branch code,
$b = Holding Branch, MAIN is holding branch code,
$p = Accession Number.

Adding Item Type

Item type defines in which category the documents belongs (e.g. book, report, CD-ROM etc).

Here, no item type defined. We have to add a new field for the item type.

Tools>Add/Delete Field

Compile the records, File > Compile File into MARC
Save the file by giving a different name.

See the display of records after completing the editing process

Now your MARC file is ready to import in Koha.
See the following link for import data into Koha,

After importing the records, rebuild zebra index by executing following commands in a terminal,
Applications > Accessories > Terminal

sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v library

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