Create web pages in Koha (Koha as a CMS)

Users can publish pages on Koha OPAC  and OPAC can act as a tiny library web site. I have tried this feature on Koha 3.22.10 version. Very detailed documentation available at Koha Wiki. Here is Koha OPAC with few pages;
A page in OPAC to describe library collection.

Edit file
Open Applications > Accessories > Terminal

sudo su
cd /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac

Open following file,

leafpad /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/

Find following line,

Line 34 (Approximately)

Comment following line by adding #

#template_name  => "opac-main.tmpl",

Add the following line below,

template_name  => "",

Find following piece of code, line 60 (Approximately)

           koha_news       => $all_koha_news,
           koha_news_count => $koha_news_count,
           display_daily_quote => C4::Context->preference('QuoteOfTheDay'),
           daily_quote         => $quote,

Add following piece of code below,

my $page = "page_" . $input->param('p');            # go for "p" value in URL and do the concatenation
           my $preference = C4::Context->preference($page);    # Go for preference 
           $template->{VARS}->{'page_test'} = $preference;     # pass variable to template

Save and close the file.

Change user permission of file,

chmod 755

Editing the pages template
Make copy of and rename it to

cd /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/en/modules


Open file in a text editor;

leafpad /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/en/modules/

Find following pice of code at line 68 (approximately)

[% IF ( OpacMainUserBlock ) %]<div id="opacmainuserblock">[% OpacMainUserBlock %]</div>[% END %]

Replace with following lines,

[% IF ( page_test ) %]<div id="opacmainuserblock">[% page_test %]</div>[% END %]

Save and close the file.

Open following file,

sudo leafpad /etc/koha/apache-shared.conf

Add following line at line 12,

ScriptAlias / "/usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/"

Save and close the file.

Restart Apache

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Create first page
Koha > Administration >  System preferences > Local use < New preference

Create a sample page.
Add more pages by creating new system preference. The page title should begin with "page_" (e.g. page_collection).

Try new page on browser

You can place links anywhere in Koha.
For exmaple, links on left side of OPAC.

Add following  HTML tag in System Preferences > OPAC > opacnav

<a href="">Services</a>

The page link will appear in OPAC left navigation space.

Koha as a CMS


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  2. is this feature possible in koha version 3.16

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  4. is this feature possible in koha 3.10 version

    1. Possible with Koha 3.10. But better to upgrade to latest version.