Connect Koha with VuFind

Install VuFind
See the following documentation 

Indexing Koha with VuFind
Copy your

cp /usr/local/vufind/import/ /usr/local/vufind/local/import/

Open in a terminal,

leafpad /usr/local/vufind/local/import/

Add following line in the file,

id = 999c, first

See the result,

Open following file,

leafpad /usr/local/vufind/local/config/vufind/config.ini

Make sure that following lines in the file, [Line number 162 and 163]

driver = "Koha"

If the lines not there, copy paste the above lines.

Open following file.

leafpad /usr/local/vufind/local/config/vufind/Koha.ini

Change Koha connection details.
Following is an example from Koha installed in the same machine vufind installed.

Export MARC record

Tool > Export Data

Import into VuFind

cd /usr/local/vufind
./ markfile.mrc

Restart Solr:

cd /usr/local/vufind/
./ status



  1. why it's need to export Marc record from koha to vufind? how about new record that we just entry in koha will it can retrieve from vufind?

  2. Hello. If my items updated, how can i see these changing on Vufind? Should i import marc again? Thanks