Zebra configuration for regional language searching

I have tried these steps on Koha 3.12.7 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Koha installation method based on Debian packages.

Open following file,  
Applications > Accessories > Terminal

sudo mousepad /etc/koha/zebradb/etc/default.idx

Find the line "charmap word-phrase-utf.chr" and comment it by inserting a # symbol. The same line appeared in next paragraph too, do the same.

Add following line below the commented lines, 
icuchain words-icu.xml

Rebuild zebra
sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library

Information courtesy: Bhaskar Ghosh, Gurudas College, Phoolbagan, West Bengal.


  1. Dear vimal ,i m basically librarian and want to use KOHA ,recently i have installed koha 3.16.5 32bit version but its opac dosn't work,i mean it does not show the required data in opac,plz help and suggest solution .grateful From Masaud

    1. Try to rebuild zebra.
      It can solve the problem.
      Please execute following command in a terminal,

      Open Applications > Accessories > Terminal

      sudo su
      koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v library

  2. Thanks for sharing. It saves me from a lot's of trouble.

  3. Hi Mr. Vimal Kumar
    You done very good work and inspired us to follow you people in the library sciences. I am also a librarian and new in koha. I have installed koha 16.05 64bit on my server and accessing thru my office terminal... so far I am stuck with Z39.5 search, msg displays not conected. could you please help me to configure Z39.5 or other library ti import catalog.. Thank you