A useful script to compress patron images to upload

Here is a python script, which is very helpful to compress bulk patron images without any hassle.
Details of bulk patron image option is available in Koha documentation.

In academic libraries, every year hundreds of photos arrive from office to library to upload in Koha.
Using this script, you can compress images in batch mode and create id link for entire images.

This script created by Mr. A.J. Tomson, Librarian, Devagiri College, Kozhikode.
He had implemented Koha in 2000 itself. He is an active resource person of Koha in Kerala state.
Recently he completed 100 Koha training programmes as resource person.

How to use the script?

1. Arrange your photos in a folder. Ensure that photo name must be card number of patrons.
2. Goto the following link and click on Download button.

3. Put idlink.py script in photo folder.

4. Open a terminal and enter inside photo folder and apply following commands,

chmod +x idlink.py

5. After the process, you can see zip file, where all your photos compressed.

Goto Koha > Tools > Upload Patron Images

Upload the zip file.

I once again express my thanks to Mr. A.J. Tomson on behalf of  Koha community.

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