Create Super Librarian by command line

Koha 18.05 released on June 2018. No more login with the database user with this version. The user is not able to log in using the master username (koha_library) and password. Login Koha using master ID and password not advisable for housekeeping operations (e.g. cataloguing, circulation etc.). Many library professionals use the master login for day to day activities with Koha and end in trouble.

I have received a lot of queries regarding not able to login to Koha using master ID and password. They forgot the staff patron login credentials. Koha already has given a provision to create Super User ID and Password by command.

The syntax of the command --userid <userid> --password <password> --branchcode <branchcode> --categorycode <categorycode> --cardnumber <cardnumber>

       -?|--help        brief help message
       --userid         specify the userid to be set
       --password       specify the password to be set
       --branchcode     specify the library code
       --categorycode   specify the patron category code
       --cardnumber     specify the cardnumber to be set

Apply the following commands to create the Super User.

Load environmental variables

sudo su
export PERL5LIB="/usr/share/koha/lib" 
export KOHA_CONF="/etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml"

Enter inside the Super User script folder

cd /usr/share/koha/bin/devel/

Super Librarian command
Here is an example of Super Librarian command,

./ --userid librarian --password librarian --branchcode MAIN --categorycode LIS --cardnumber 25

Here are the details of examples used in the command:
User ID- librarian
Password- librarian
Branchcode- MAIN
Patron category code- LIS

Image Courtesy: Open Clip Art Library

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