Cataloguing of multi volume books

Here is the method to catalogue multi volume books. Here I am trying to catalogue the book "The Complete works of Swami Vivekananda". This books has nine volumes. Enter the biblio part same like any other book.

Cataloguing > New Record > 

Enter volume information in Biblio and Save.

Multi volume details can be enter in item information.

Save the item and add other volume details.

See the final record in OPAC (click on the picture to get enhanced view).


  1. In a multi-volume book the tag 300 needs to be handled carefully. For example, Vol. 1: xx, 1-201. Vol. 2: xx, 202-513. Vol. 3: xxi, 514-800. [volumes have continuous pagination for the main sequence but separate pagination for the preliminaries], the 300 entry be as follows:

    300 ## $a3 v. (xx, 800 p.) ...

    Another case:

    v. 1: xxi, 300 p.; v. 2: xiv, 435 p. [volumes have separate pagination]

    The 300 encoding be as follows:

    300 ## $a3 v. ...

  2. Sir,
    Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Another idea... instead of item as "Book" library may create item type "Multi-volume set" for better organization.


  4. when we use multi volume button in item page, only one record & multiple items will be created. if we use tag 300 for volumes only one record is there. how can solve this problem?

  5. Nine volume include in swami Vivekananda is best book thank you for sharing .
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  6. hi sir i am ashoka recently I installed koha on ubantu16.04 and i try to entry to catalog but here main enrey personal name showing lock and not taking data. can you please guide me how to make entry in koha

    thank you

    1. Sir,
      You can disable the lock.
      Koha > Administration > Global System Preferences > Authorities > BiblioAddsAuthorities > Allow

  7. Could you describe how to catalog mutil-volume book more specific?
    - we use only one record to catalog for all of volumes of book
    - Then we describe information volume in 505 filed
    - And in Holdings, we add "Vol 1", "Vol 2" in Call number
    It is the right way to catalog mutil-volume book? Isn't it?
    Thank you so much.