Patron searches give 500 error

Problem statement: The following error message when searching for patron names.

Something went wrong when loading the table.
500: Internal Server Error. 
Month out of range.
Month out of range.
Month out of range.
Month out of range

Reason: The date_renewed column has some proper dates, some NULLs and some 0000-00-00.

Solution: Uupdate borrowers set date_renewed = NULL where date_renewed = '0000-00-00'. Enter into the MariaDB and apply the following commands,

sudo mysql -uroot -p
use koha_library;
UPDATE borrowers
SET date_renewed = NULL;

Idea courtesyMahesh Palamuttath


Prepare Google Drive for Koha backup

Everybody is familiar with using Google Drive. Google Drive is the cloud storage service of Google Inc. Currently, 15 GB of free storage is available with a Google account. Koha users can make use of Google Drive storage to keep database backups. GNOME desktop facilitates synchronising online accounts like Google, Nextcloud, Facebook, Microsoft, Flickr, etc. 

pCloud for Koha backup

pCloud is a cloud storage service that offers a secure and convenient way to store, share, and access your files from anywhere. It works like Dropbox cloud storage. Dropbox gives only 2 GB of free storage only. pCloud provides a variety of pricing plans, starting with a free plan that gives you 10 GB of storage. Koha users can make use pCloud for backup storage. Schedule the backup and point to the PCloud storage is very convenient.

Bug 31059 - encryption_key config entry not generated when upgrading: solution

Problem statement

The following line does not add to koha-conf.xml when upgrading. I noticed it happened when we upgraded to the Koha version to 22.11.7 and higher. It results in the upgrade process terminating on the way, and Koha crashes.

 <!-- Encryption key for crypted password or sensitive data -->

Blood group list using patron attribute types

Patron attributes help define custom fields (e.g. blood group, Course name (BSc, BA) etc.) with patron details.

1. Enable Patron Attributes from Global System Preferences

Administration  System preferences > Patrons > ExtendedPatronAttributes > Enable

2. Create an Authorized Value for the blood group

Library clearance/Discharge certificate

A library Clearance/Discharge certificate certifies that the user has no holds, no active checkouts, and no outstanding debt. Here are the steps to generate a clearance certificate;

1. Enable useDischarge from Koha Administration > Global System Preferences. Search and find the useDischarge settings. Turn it into Allow.

2. Customize the Discharge notice at Tools > Notices and slips. Search and find the Discharge notice. The content of the notice is blank. Visit the Notice Template site and copy the content. Edit and save the notice.

3. Open the Patron account to generate Discharge. Find the Discharge button at the end of the Patron account.

4. Click on the Generate discharge button.

The discharge certificate in PDF format will save on the computer.

National workshop on Koha

Venue: BCM College, Kottayam, Kerala State-686 001 
Online registration Link: 
Target audience: Library Science students and professionals. 
Intake Capacity: 30 Registration 

Fees: Rs. 1100 (Includes Lunch and Tea) 

Accommodation: The conference fee does not include your accommodation. Organisers will help you to find accommodation in Kottayam town. 

Resource Persons for the Workshop 
1. Dr Vimal Kumar V, Reference Assistant, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala State, India.
2. Subeesh Gopinathan, Librarian, St. Mary's Women's College for Teacher Education, Thiruvalla.
3. Mahesh Palamuttath, Librarian, East Campus, Sacred Heart College, Kochi. 

Organising Secretary: Jincy Philip ( Sr. Gracena ), Librarian (UGC), BCM College, Kottayam. 
Contact Person: Dr. Vimal Kumar V., Secretary, DAKF, Kottayam. Mobile: 9846496323